VIDEO PREMIERE: Strobe Talbot – “Superstar” on

VIDEO PREMIERE: Strobe Talbot – “Superstar” on

Strobe Talbot shares another video over at AdHoc !
“it’s an album full of wide-eyed love songs like “Superstar,” a blissed-out two minutes traversing the feeling of being “in the arms of happiness, in the arms of yes it’s true, in the arms of me and you, in the arms of love.” With Fair’s declarations, sitars roll alongside a choir of spectral voices in a giddy, transcendent rush.” – Amelia Pitcherella


North of the Internet’s conversation with Jad Fair (of Strobe Talbot)

North of the Internet’s conversation with Jad Fair (of Strobe Talbot)

North of the Internet‘s Morgan Enos spoke with Jad Fair (of Half Japanese & Strobe Talbot) about horses, sunflowers, marbles, dogs, whether there are colors on other planets and the experience of recording It’s Spooky with Daniel Johnston in 1989. Click HERE to read full interview.

VIDEO PREMIERE: Strobe Talbot – “Alien Dead” on Exclaim!

VIDEO PREMIERE: Strobe Talbot – “Alien Dead” on Exclaim!

Exclaim! shared a new video by Jad Fair for the Strobe Talbot song, ’Alien Dead’ featured on their upcoming album, Funland. The video features a host of Jad’s paper cut creatures, check it out! Funland is out Oct 20 on Moone Records. Many thanks to Sarah from Exclaim! for sharing.



FIRST LISTEN: Strobe Talbot – “Funland” On

FIRST LISTEN: Strobe Talbot – “Funland” On

Listen to an exclusive stream of Strobe Talbot’s “Funland” today via AdHoc! Pre-order the LP today. Available via digital and vinyl formats 10/20! Many thanks to Amelia from for the wonderful write up.



PREMIERE: Strobe Talbot – “Poetic Heart” On BrooklynVegan

PREMIERE: Strobe Talbot – “Poetic Heart” On BrooklynVegan

Brooklyn Vegan features the track, ‘Poetic Heart’ from our upcoming release with Strobe Talbot: Funland — Available on our online store October 22nd. Check it out here.

NEWS: Strobe Talbot’s Funland

Arriving in our online store this October, Strobe Talbot’s Funland.

Featuring artists known for their work in Half Japanese and Officer!, the band Strobe Talbot is Jad Fair, Mick Hobbs, and Benb Gallaher. This is a project we’ve highly anticipated, and we think our global vinyl listener friends and fellow Jad Fair enthusiasts will too!

Funland is a collection of 19 original tracks by the band, mixed and mastered by John Dieterich of Deerhoof. This is an all-around great work by the band and friends.

Our first edition of Funland is limited to 100 12” vinyl copies that feature a first-of-its-kind morphing hologram effect brought to life by our friend, Richard Houghten. The effect itself can be seen on side-B of Funland and features original artwork by Jad Fair that morphs as the record spins. As a hologram, the images will appear to float above and within the record itself — Your eyes won’t believe it!

Additionally, each first edition copy will feature a matte white record jacket with original artwork by Jad Fair, silk screened by our friends at All Gold.

The official date is 10/20/2017. Mark your calendars for Funland!


NEWS: “Happy Plaza” Limited Edition Cassette

“Happy Plaza” Limited Edition Cassette

“We are excited to announce the release of Gene Tripp‘s “Happy Plaza” on cassette: available today. Tripp’s debut album leaves you in a trance of reflection and longing. The alt-country melodies interlaced with warm psychedelic sound, provides a sense of nostalgia that leaves you wanting more. From the desert to overseas, Gene Tripp will be joining Golden Boots on a European tour- they also have a few nights opening for Tucson’s own singer-songwriter: Howe Gelb.  We look forward to what’s to come for Jay Hufman and friends, they’ve certainly set a high bar for raw talent and art created in our city.”

Click HERE to get your copy of this special release!


May 10, 2017 – Golden Boots w/ Gene Tripp @ Kugelbahn Wedding – Germany, Berlin
May 11, 2017 – Golden Boots w/ Gene Tripp @ Tresohr, Musik Studios – Germany, Oberhausen
May 13, 2017 – Golden Boots w/ Gene Tripp @ Oberdeck – Germany, Hannover
May 14, 2017 – Golden Boots w/ Gene Tripp @ Helter Skelter – Germany, Hamburg
May 16, 2017 – Golden Boots w/ Gene Tripp @ Gut Feeling – Germany, Munich
May 19, 2017 – Howe Gelb w/ Golden Boots & Gene Tripp @ Petit Bain – France, Paris
May 23, 2017 – Golden Boots w/ Gene Tripp @ Acephale – Germany, Cologne

Moone Presents: Record Sharing Party @ Bar Muerte (4-15-17)

Moone Presents: Record Sharing Party @ Bar Muerte (4-15-17)

  • The Feelies – Fa Ce-La
  • Ce Schneider Topical – 3MM
  • The Flying Burrito Bros – Wild Horses
  • Pure X – Livin’ The Dream
  • Preston Reed – Elephant Walk
  • Ruth Garbus & Friends – Black Bag
  • A Cosmic Gift – Cranberry Robot
  • Sons Of The Morning – The Way That Winter Passed Us
  • Judy Collins – Bread And Roses
  • Weyes Blood – Land Of Broken Dreams
  • St. Pepsi – Skylar Spence
  • Sun Airway – Landfall
  • Skellern – Raining In My Heart
  • Destroyer – Bye Bye
  • Randall Sena -Still (Livin’ In The Past)
  • George Duke – Foosh
  • Gotan Project – Queremos Paz
  • Four Tet – Swimmer
  • Pure X – Thousand Year Old Child
  • Al Green – Tired Of Being Alone
  • Mild High Club – Weeping Willow
  • TV Girl – Lovers Rock
  • Gene Tripp – Don’t Hesitate
  • Arms & Sleepers – Pan Am
  • Stevie Wonder – Superstition
  • Fisherspooner – All We Are
  • Yung Bae – When I’m Gone
  • Dean Wareham – The Dancer Disappears
  • Dengue Fever – Rom Say Soc
  • Joe Purdy – Wildflowers
  • Flo Morrissey & Matthew E. White -Thinkin’ Bout You
  • Kurt Vile – My Sympathy
  • Guyd – Prawn
  • Jessica Pratt – Bushel Hyde
  • Charlie Hilton – Let’s Go To A Party
  • Ben Howard – I Forgot Where We Were
  • Legs – Friday Afternoon At The Zoo
  • Part Time – Rubber Room
  • Destroyer – Blue Flower/Blue Flame

NEWS: “Cry Baby” Limited Edition Cassette

“Cry Baby” Limited Edition Cassette

We are very excited to announce the physical release of Flower Festival‘s gorgeous album Cry Baby on cassette.  Many of us have wanted to hold this album in our hands since it was digitally-released in August of 2015- but just 25 of you will be lucky enough to add this unique beauty to your collection.  In this batch of songs, we witness a poetic array of heartbreak, anxiety and rejection.  It is the strangest feeling being invited into his deepest struggle. This album keeps you at the closest distance- just enough to avoid confrontation of pain.  In a world of plenty, Flower Festival has simplified the art: he just wants someone to listen.  Go HERE to get a copy of this very limited release!

NEWS: Miss Moody Limited Edition CD-R

Miss Moody “You Owe Me” Limited Edition CD-R

The new Miss Moody “You Owe Me” CD-R is finally available. This has been in the works for nearly a year, and has arrived just in time to console the lonely and the heart sick. Justin has always had a way of conveying pain that is real and tangible. You can now rest assured that you are not alone. In his latest offering, Justin, has invited his friends along to create something big and lush, but that is just a blanket for his songwriting to lay upon. Our very own Micah Dailey produced the EP with the soul intention of bringing Justin’s new songs to life in a full band format. Still holding true to minimalism as not to distract from his beautiful lyrics and chord structure. Go HERE to grab yourself a copy today!